Prestižní literární magazín zveřejnil povídku Damiena Galeona z MUP!

26. 9. 2014 6:39 Autor: Redakce Damien Galeone je akademický pracovník na katedře anglofonních studií Metropolitní univerzity Praha, kde učí anglický jazyk a psaní textů. Jeho povídku "The Pond" uveřejnil americký literární online magazín Hippocampus.

The Pond by Damien Galeone

The man knocking at my door waved at me through the window, centered in the cross hairs of the pane.

I opened the door. “Hello, Doctor J.”

“Let’s build a pond.”


“Come over tomorrow at nine o’clock.” He walked away, crossing my lawn and into the street before I could say, “Uh…okay.”

In the morning, I walked across the street to his house. It stood in front of a forest and was an exact replica of mine, with everything on the other side, prefabricated twins staring at each other in a housing development. I walked around the side of the house along a worn footpath that led to his garden. The plush green trees carried the exotic denseness of a Pennsylvania summer, and the cicadas and chiggers zapped and barked in the canopy.


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