Metropolitan University Prague hosted the SCOM meeting of the MELIA Observatory project

Since 2020, MUP team led by prof. Ladislav Cabada is a partner of the international project MELIA Observatory, which is dedicated to improving the level of media literacy, especially among children and students. The project partners from the countries of the Danube region meet every six months at the SCOM Meeting to discuss the progress of the project and its further development. However, the 4th SCOM Meeting was exceptional in that it was the first time that the project could be held in person.

This was the first time that the partners had the opportunity to meet each other personally. Metropolitan University Prague was proud to host this meeting and offered the participants the facilities of its classrooms and meeting rooms. In addition to the SCOM meeting on Monday 9 May, the MELIA project partners also met at MUP on Tuesday 10 May on the Sustainability - Input Workshop. The whole two-day event was a very productive and enjoyable meeting of academics from many countries. The fifth and last SCOM Meeting of the MELIA Observatory will take place in the autumn of 2022 in Budapest.