Back to the Future Challenge in Trento

29. 5. 2024 Author: Nelly Achverdjanová I'm thrilled to share with you my great experience during a Short Erasmus+ Mobility, where I had the opportunity to go on a journey to Trento, Italy, from April 8th to April 12th, 2024. But wait, the excitement didn't end there – after the mobility, I extended my exploration to Rome to catch up with a friend, adding another layer of delight to my adventure.

So, what was this mobility all about? Picture this: photobioreactors (PBRs), the innovative systems that nurture micro-algae, offering a plethora of possibilities. From turning CO2 into life-giving oxygen to crafting bioplastics and biofuels, these tiny powerhouses hold the key to sustainable solutions. Enter ALOS, a company deeply immersed in the micro-algae sector, weaving wonders like indoor air purifiers and exploring novel avenues such as repurposing PBRs to mitigate environmental impacts. Their challenge? To maximize sustainability in productive processes using micro-algae technology.

And thus, the challenge began! Through a blend of in-person engagement in Trento and subsequent online collaboration, my team and I looked into the realm of future studies, brainstorming innovative scenarios where PBRs could revolutionize various sectors. From envisioning circular economies to crafting responsible innovation, every moment was a step towards greener pastures.

What made this experience truly special was its blended nature – a week of vibrant interactions in Trento followed by three weeks of virtual collaboration. Despite the physical distance, our bonds grew stronger as we collectively fuelled our creativity.

And guess what? Team 2, yours truly included, emerged victorious with a stellar idea! It was a moment of triumph, a testament to our collective ingenuity and dedication.

But it wasn't all work and no play! Amidst brainstorming sessions and strategic planning, we seized every opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture. From wandering through quaint mountain villages to discovering the secrets of herbal cosmetics in Celva, each excursion was full of unforgettable memories.

The warmth of the university and the camaraderie of fellow participants made this journey even more enriching. Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds enhanced our collaborative efforts and broadened our horizons.

Would I recommend short-term mobility? Absolutely! It's a perfect blend of adventure and learning, offering a taste of the Erasmus experience without the long-term commitment. So, to all the adventurers out there, don't hesitate to go on your own short Erasmus+ journey – you never know what wonders await!

In hindsight, this mobility wasn't just about exploring innovative solutions – it was about forging connections, embracing new perspectives, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here's to the spirit of exploration, innovation, and friendship – may it continue to illuminate our paths wherever we go!