Middle East – The Media and PR Wars

The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies and the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Metropolitan University Prague organised the Annual International Conference on the Middle East: "Middle East – The Media and PR Wars".

The Middle Eastern conflicts making the waves and headlines around the World attract lot of interest of politicians, scholars and general public alike. What usually remains in the shadow is the conduct of the journalist and media corporations behind the Middle Eastern coverage. 


The Industry of Lies: Israel as a Target of Unfair Propaganda
Ben-Dror Yemini (Israel)

Pro-Israeli Media and the Palestinian Question
Abdel Bari Atwan (United Kingdom)

Al Jazeera – effect
Jaromír Hanzal (Czech Republic)

To Embed or not to Embed: Media amidst Modern Warfare
Jakub Szántó (Czech Republic)

German Media Perspective of the Middle Eastern Conflicts
Michael Lüders (Germany)

The “wide” spectrum of Iranian media
Hannah Kaviani (Iran/USA)

Media Map of the post-Arab Spring Tunisia
Karel Černý (Czech Republic)