IFRS: Global Rules & Local Use 2019: Beyond the Numbers

31. 10. 2019 Autor: Irena Jindřichovská, Jaroslav Halík On 10 – 11 October 2019 the 7th International Scientific Conference "IFRS: Global Rules & Local Use: Beyond the Numbers" was held at the Metropolitan University Prague, in the venue of MUP main buiding, Dubečská 900/10, Prague 10, Czech Republic.



Scholars, students and the public at large who wished to know more about bridging the gap between international accounting rules (IFRS) and local applications in the area of finance, accounting, and management, came to Prague and shared their knowledge and experience at this event. With the current trend towards accounting harmonisation, the aim of this conference was to focus on specific accounting differences and what lies behind them. Topics have been researched both theoretically and practically, focussing on practices in emerging markets and transitional economies.

Respected personalities accepted the role of keynote speakers:

Professor David Alexander, University of Birmingham, U.K.
Professor Emeritus David Alexander is a leading theorist of accounting and financial reporting focused on methodology, classification IFRS, cultural differences and practical application of IFRS in an international context. In addition, David is the author of several key textbooks in the field, both solely and in a team.

Professor Anne Jeny, ESSEC Business School
Anne JENY is Professor of Accounting at the ESSEC Business School and former head of the accounting and management control department. She obtained her Ph.D. degree at HEC School of management in 2003 and taught at the HEC, ESCP-EAP and EDHEC business schools before joining ESSEC Business School in 2002. She stands at the EAA Management Committee and acts as its treasurer. Her fields of expertise are in financial accounting, financial analysis, value creation and firms’ valuation, with a specific expertise on intangible assets and digital transformation.

Prof. Ing. Lubor Lacina, Ph.D., Mendel University Brno
Professor Lacina is Jean Monnet Chair in European Economic Studies from think tank Mendel European Centre Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic. Professor Lacina is specializing in international economics and problems of Eurozone.

Prof. Eleftherios Thalassinos, Ph.D., MBA , University of Piraeus
DHC 2013, DHC 2015, DHC 2018, Professor at University of Piraeus, Greece, Affiliate Professor at University of Malta, visiting Professor at Neapolis University of Cyprus and Open University of Cyprus, European Chair Jean Monnet, Editor in-Chief ERSJ, IJEBA, IJ TEI, Chair M ICABE.

Prof. Ing. Luboš Smutka, Ph.D., University of Life Sciences Prague
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic, who specializes in commodities markets and world agricultural policy.

Dr. Aleš Králík, LL.M.
Head of department of capital markets of the Ministry of Finance, Czech Republic, one of the authors of new conception of development of Czech capital market.

prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Frait
Czech National Bank Prof. Frait is an Executive Director of Financial Stability Department at Czech National Bank with focus on macroeconomics, monetary theory and finance.

A major feature of this now well-established conference was an emphasis on feedback and discussion, from and directed by the chairpersons of the various sections. Nine Czech, Slovak and Romanian PhD students were encouraged to give their presentations in order to support them continuing their future research activities. Students had the chance to experience the review process and present their ideas to academics and experts attending the conference.

The aims of the conference were fulfilled. It brought many interesting presentations, expert discussions and has stablished friendly relations among all participants leading to future cooperations.


„The event is expanding, in two respects. Firstly it is now a joint operation of the two Universities together with international partner - University of Warsaw. Secondly, and consistent with the institutional expansion, a broader business context is integrated with the original financial reporting focus.“

Prof. David Alexander, University of Birmingham

„I really enjoyed the conference at MUP. It was very well organized with interesting topics and high quality presentations. It highlighted the new developments in international accounting, auditing and financing standards in a very comprehensive way. Congratulations to the Rectorate and the organizing committee for their efforts and for giving this opportunity to academics, practitioners, researchers and students participating in the event.“

Prof. Eleftherios Thalassinos, Ph.D., MBA, University of Piraeus

„The conference IFRS Global Rules and Local Use 2019 brought a wide range of views on the development of present economy and society. It contributed not only to the exchange of valuable knowledge and attitudes, but also to the establishment of personal and professional ties, which will certainly lead to deeper cooperation of scientists and experts from a number of participating institutions / organizations.“

Prof. Ing. Luboš Smutka, Ph.D., University of Life Sciences Prague

„The IFRS Global Rules and Local Use 2019 conference introduced many contemporary topics based on up-to-date research and interpretation. The interdisciplinary approach and international dimension of the conference provided perfect background for presentation and competent discussion.“

MUDr. Jan Fiala, Ph.D., Metropolitan University Prague

„Actually, this year the conference has improved very much. I must also appreciate that we were very lucky to invite speakers who not only gave their introductory remarks but also actively participated in discussions and provided participants with advice and recommendations on how to improve their upcoming articles. Chairs of sessions guided their discussions well and great value was also added by dutiful but invisible work of international reviewers, who improved the quality of accepted papers. Support of MUP management and their real interest in academic issues enabled to run the conference smoothly and reach a high standard of cooperation between all involved parties.“

doc. Ing. Irena Jindřichovská, CSc.,Metropolitan University Prague, conference chair