EU Simulation Game

29. 4. 2016 Autor: Jakub Watte Students had the unique opportunity to experience a decision making process of the European Union executive bodies.

First simulated process was the European Council's settlement of the priorities for the coming year. Students, representing each member state, voted and together decided on the most important priorities. Second simulated process was the European Union Commission's decision concerning the merger of two airlines – Ryanair and Aer Lingus. Students representing the European Commissioners had to decide if the merger was in compliance with the EU's regulations concerning the competition policy. Another point on our agenda was the EU Commission's decision on Turkey's possible accession to the European Union. Students acting as Commissioners voted on whether or not Turkey would qualify as an EU Member State or not. Overall it was a very hands-on simulation that taught students how EU institutions act and how the decision making processes in Brussels are handled.