26/05/2016 - Teacher Training Seminar for Teachers of English

The Department of Anglophone Studies organises Teacher Training Seminar for Teachers of English: What we need to consider to teach lexis effectively (Wesley Johnson, B.A., DELTA).

Traditionally, lexis was thought to play a lesser role in a student‘s language development than grammar, and was therefore treated by coursebooks and teachers as being of minor importance next to modal verbs, articles, and tenses. With more recent discoveries lexis is now widely regarded to be equal to - if not more important than - grammar in the language classroom. However, lexis is still often underestimated today, and teaching it effectively involves taking into account a range of considerations to do with semantics, syntax, phonology, pragmatics, and cognitive psychology. This session will be devoted to exploring these issues and more, so that we can better target our lexis teaching to our students‘ own needs. 

When: 26 May 2016, 15:30–17:00

Where: MUP Jarov building, Učňovská 100/1, Praha 9

Target audience: Secondary school English teachers

Purpose: To help teachers get some fresh ideas for teaching writing, pronunciation, grammar, lexis, and British history at the secondary level (useful for maturita, FCE, CAE examinations etc.)

Approach: Interactive, practical, welcoming

Participating teachers obtain certificates of attendance 
The courses are free of charge

Register with: irena.dominikova@mup.cz (the registrations are accepted no later than 5 days prior to the course)

Teacher Training Seminars