18/03/2019 - Political Economy of Aid to Palestine and Israel

Department of International Business cordially invites all MUP students and professors to a guest lecture of Mr Shir Hever on Political Economy of Aid to Palestine and Israel.

WHEN: 18 March 2019, 12:00–13:30

WHERE: MUP Prague-Žižkov building, Prokopova 100/16, Room no. 201

International aid in three major forms: development aid, humanitarian aid and military aid has been disbursed by actors in the international community to the State of Palestine and to the State of Israel for decades. Why does a relatively small region draw so much international attention in relation to aid? What do donors attempt to achieve through aid disbursement, and how did the aid transfers affect the local economy? The lecture will give a quick historical overview of how aid has developed and changed over the period of 1994–2018, will clarify the terminology used in the research of aid, and will analyze the contradictory policies undertaken by Israeli and Palestinian institutions regarding aid.

Mr Shir Hever is an independent Israeli journalist who focuses on economic aspects of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. He has published books The privatisation of security in Israel, or The Political Economy of Israel's occupation.