24/10/2013 - Conference - Third Democratic Decade: Challenges of / for Consolidation

18th Annual Conference of Central European Political Science Association which is called "Third Democratic Decade: Challenges of / for Consolidation" will be held on Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 October 2013, in Metropolitan University Prague, Pilsner Branch in Pilsen, Koterovská 85, Czech Republic.

Since the late 1980s the political systems of Central European countries successfully developed towards consolidated democracies. Such development was repeatedly affirmed by the international organizations and institutions and culminated with the NATO and EU-membership. Nevertheless, there still exist many factors that are weakening the democratic stability in the Central European countries, including the economic crisis, the atavisms of nationalism, the strengthening of populism, radicalism and extremism, the relative weakness of civil society and generally weak political participation, crisis of governance, government efficiency and political class, challenges of constitutional engineering etc.