The Asian Day at MUP Offered a Unique Exhibition of Japanese Historical Items

4. 5. 2024 Author: Michal Kolmaš More than a hundred current and former students of the Metropolitan University Prague attended the cultural event called Asian Day. They had the opportunity to see a unique guided exhibition of historical Japanese weapons and armor, presentations by exchange students from Japan and Taiwan, and taste selected Asian delicacies.

The event was traditionally organized by the Department of Asian Studies, with the support of the Foreign Department of MUP. Its biggest attraction was the exhibition of Japanese items. Mojmír Kusenda, a student of International Relations and Asian Studies program, brought to the classroom in Prague's Strašnice unique samurai armor from the 18th century, a series of katanas from the Sengoku to Meiji periods (15th to 19th centuries), and other historical weapons and their components, including a naginata spear and a teppo rifle.

Mojmír and his peers exhibited the brought items in the lecture room, supplemented by a roughly half-hour lecture on their history set in the historical context of pre-modern Japan.

Short presentations followed, by students from partner universities of MUP - Ayumi Kinugasa introduced Kyoto Sangyo University from Japan, while Leona Cheng introduced the Taiwanese Providence University. Unfortunately, there was no time left for the presentation of Yonsei University from Korea.

In addition to the presentations, visitors had the opportunity to discuss with lecturers from the departments of Asian Studies and IRES, make their own sushi from the ingredients provided, or taste various Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese delicacies and drinks brought by both teachers and students. The whole evening ended with a toast of premium sake.