MUP Hosted a Day Dedicated to Japan

11. 1. 2024 Author: Michal Kolmaš A special event dedicated to Japan offered students the chance to taste Japanese sweets, roll their own sushi, write Kanji characters, and discuss the unique country with several Japanese students studying at MUP.

Japan has long played a prominent role among the destinations MUP students choose when studying abroad. The university boasts cooperation with five Japanese universities, and every year there is a plethora of applicants for these positions. It was no surprise, then, that the event dedicated to Japan was met with significant interest.

Students were able to learn a thing or two about Japanese culture and lifestyle. They drafted Japanese kanji characters, and thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ program, they were able to taste many kinds of Japanese sweets and snacks, including sour plums (umeboshi), soybeans (edamame), pickled radishes (tsukemono), sweet rice balls (mochi), and various others. Many took the opportunity to roll their own sushi rolls. Some came in Japanese clothes.

The event was attended by five Japanese students currently studying at MUP. They took a vivid part in the sushi preparation and conversation and briefly presented their universities and life in Japan.