My Unforgettable Traineeship Experience in Croatia

15. 12. 2023 Autor: David Opolzer This summer, I started my second Erasmus+ Traineeship in Croatia, which lasted from mid-June till late September. During this time, I worked with Memula d.o.o., a Croatian company specializing in boat trips to the beautiful islands of Korčula and the nearby Pelješac peninsula.

I originally decided to pursue an Erasmus Traineeship because I wanted to expose myself to more languages and get that international experience that most employers expect. At the end I realized that I gained much more, such as improving my skills in sales, gaining valuable business contacts and I gained a better idea of what I want to do in my future career.

The application process was quite straightforward. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to the company through a friend, which simplified the process of selecting my host organization. Everything else was also effortless with the guidance of Mgr. Martina Fantová.

At Memula my role primarily revolved around being a travel sales agent. I was responsible for coordinating travel between the islands by boat, handling reservations, sales, and making sure the journeys went smoothly. It was a very hands-on experience which involved directly interacting with the clients. I also had the opportunity of managing the company’s Instagram account.

Croatia being well-known for its crystal-clear water and beautiful architecture inspired me to explore the landscapes, which also added to the overall appeal of my time in Croatia.

My time with the company allowed me to improve my communication skills, especially with clients from different cultural backgrounds. I learned some Polish, Croatian and even improved my English. I think that the traineeship gave me an opportunity to become more independent as I was given a supervisory role at one of the locations I worked at. It also taught me how to adapt better to different situations.

One of the highlights of the traineeship was that I got to meet and interact with a diverse group of people throughout the summer. These interactions extended beyond the workplace and evolved into lasting friendships. And at the end of it all, we even had a team dinner.
I’d like to express my appreciation to Norbert Žaknić, the director of Memula, for his guidance, both in terms of the traineeship and future career advice.

For future Erasmus+ trainees, my advice would be to research the host country, its culture, and language to get a general idea going into it. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and try new things for the sake of new experiences. Also don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need guidance or clarification. You’re here to learn after all!

In conclusion, I strongly recommend the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme to anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and gain practical experience. Maybe you’re unsure whether to do the traineeship or not, but if you decide for it, I believe you’ll soon realize that it will contribute greatly to your career and overall personal growth as well.